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Katalin DECSENYI Professional license / certificate uploaded

Katalin, founder of Best Budapest Tour Guides
I am a dedicated tour guide in Budapest. The success of my own tour guiding website made me avare of the huge and growing demand there is in the world for good private guides in Hungary! As (even I) can not be at 3 places in the same time, we swapped and substituted for each other, trying to keep up with demands - this is why the idea of a collective Hungary and Budapest tour guide website was born. Besides, my aim is to put Budapest and Hungary on the map of No 1 places in the world.
My familly is very important for me (2 adolescent boys + 1 husband). I love reading, nature, getting together with friends, I do yoga to keep me happy, and sometimes play the cello in various ensembles.

About the guide
Cultural tour guide
Speaking languages
English, French, German, Others
Activity started in
Opel Astra Caravan
Air conditioned : YES
Baby seat : YES
Interests centers
Classical music and opera, history and art history, Jewish heritage in Hungary, children. I do yoga, hike and bycicle.
Diploma, references, agreements
Licensed guide in English, French, and German, national certification in 1993. Master in Music (McGill University, Montreal, Canada,1991), Tour Leader Certificate (Canada, Montreal,1992). Guide certificate in the Museum of Fine Arts, (Budapest, Hungary, 1996). BMA in teaching of English language and literature, (ELTE University of Budapest, Hungary, 2005)
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Tailor-made tours Fixed date tours Car Family / Children Disabled Culture Unusual Gastronomy Bicycle 
Tailor-made tours, Fixed date tours, Car, Family / Children, Disabled, Culture, Unusual, Gastronomy, Bicycle
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Web site :
Address : 1125 Budapest Dániel ut 14 1125 Budapest HUNGARY
Phone : +3612750691
Mobile : +36203931964
Fax : +3612750691

Guided tour #1: Danube Bend

Duration : 1 day
This trip takes you along the river Danube, including a beautiful panoramic section through the forest, among the hills. Visit of 3 historic towns:

1. Szentendre: Romantic, Mediterranian village with narrow, winding streets and exiting history. Handicraft fair. Exhibition of an outstanding Hungarian sculptor: Margit Kovács.

2. Visegrád: Royal seat for 200 years, ruins of the kings's castle and palace. One of Hungary's best views. Excellent lunch is recommended in the Hunters Lodge Restaurant!

3. Esztergom: Hungary's first capital. The biggest cathedral of Hungary, seat of the cardinal. Crypt, treasury. View over the northern border to the neighbouring country, Slovakia.

Distance covered: About 120 km = 80 miles

Activities, services on this tour:
Tailor-made tours Car Family / Children Culture Gastronomy Bicycle
Tailor-made tours, Car, Family / Children, Culture, Gastronomy, Bicycle

Guided tour #2: Budapest City Tour

Duration : 1 day
Tours offered in Budapest by car or bycicle, or public transport and walking:

1. Budapest City Tour - half day (up to 4 hours):
Visit all the World Heritage sites in the city!
Heros' Square and City park, Castle Hill with the old town, including Matthias Church and Fishermen's Bastion (panorama), Andrássy Avenue

2. Budapest City Tour - full day (up to 7 hours):
Heros' Square, and City Park (Castle of Vajdahunyad), St Stephen's Basilica (inside), Jewish Quarter, (big Synagogue, outside), Houses of Parliament (outside, and /if possible/ inside) and administration district, Castle Hill with Matthias Church (inside) and Fishermen's Bastion (panorama), Gellért Hill (only by car)

We can vary the elements of the tour according to your interest - see also Museum Tour and Jewish Tour

Activities, services on this tour:
Tailor-made tours Car Culture
Tailor-made tours, Car, Culture

Guided tour #3: Jewish Tour in Budapest

Duration : 1 day
Jewish tour in Budapest can take an entire day! You can choose among the following possibilities:

The Jewish triangle: 19th century Jewish quarter with 4 Synagogues, including the second biggest Synagogue in the world.
Medieval Synagogue and Jewish quarter in the old town.
Museum of the Holocaust, Holocaust memorial on the rivershore (shoes)
Statue of Raoul Wallenberg (saviour)
Jewish Cemetery

During the tour a meal in the Jewish quarter can also be organised.

Activities, services on this tour:
Tailor-made tours Car Culture
Tailor-made tours, Car, Culture

Guided tour #4: A glance behind the iron curtain (1945-1989)

Duration : 1 day
Level : easy Easy
What was life like during communist time?
House of Terror: this eerie but excellent exhibition answers the question!

Statue Park: what did we have to deal with for 40 years?! A unique open air exhibition of communist statues that were removed from the streets after the change of regime. The only such collection in Europe!

Activities, services on this tour:
Car Family / Children Culture
Car, Family / Children, Culture

Guided tour #5: Music Tour

Duration : 1 day
Don’t forget this used to be my profession…
Liszt Ferenc, Bartók Béla, Kodály Zoltán. Does any of them sound familiar to you? Did you know they were Hungarian? Liszt’s virtuoso piano playing, Bartók’s powerful music like the Bluebird’s Castle, and Kodály’s solfege – solmisation system are known in the entire world. We get to know these musical giants by visiting their exhibitions in the very buildings they had lived and composed.
Learn about inside secrets: I can also arrange a visit to an instrument, or chamber-music class at the Franz Liszt Music Academy!

Guided tour #6: Budapest City Tour with pastry tasting (Half day – 4 hours)

Duration : 1 day
Level : easy Easy
You love sweets, and want to do a city tour in the Hungarian capital, Budapest? No problem!
This tour gives you an overall view of the capital of Hungary – and Hungary is among the world’s best pastry-places, didn’t you know it?

As I take you up to the panorama-hill, the chimney-cake baker is on the way up… Shouldn’t miss that one. With fresh, ”smoking” chimney-cake in your hand, Budapest has an even more beautiful view.
On the Pest side we take Andrássy Avenue with the Opera, to get to Heros' Square: spectacular monument of the Hungarian history in the City park Then, I show you the biggest catholic church of Budapest, St Stephen's Basilica with 30 different kinds of glittering marble
Finally, visiting the Castle with Matthias Church, Fishermen's Bastion and the Royal Palace, we will taste marzipan (sweets made with sugar and almonds), and see the copies of famous Budapest buildings made of sugar, chocolate and marzipan in the Marzipan Museum… and yes, they have the best hot chocolate in the world!

Chimney Cake or Kürtőskalács originates from Transylvania, which used to be part of Hungary, and the name originates from the Hungarian word kürtő, that means stovepipe or chimney. It is a yeast-raised pastry that is sold at street corners in Hungary.
It is flavored with vanilla, sweet spices and nuts. The most common ones are cinnamon, almonds, walnuts and sugar, they are cooked using skewers.They sprinkle sugar on the pastry and let it caramelize over open fire.

Marzipan Museum: Two rooms full of marzipan showpieces, including Matthias Church and Fisherman’s Bastion, life-sized marzipan statue of the most famous Hungarian Queen, fairy tale scenes, Hungarian lace!, needlepoint furniture and a cactus forest.
You can also buy a great variety of sweet and marzipan products at the end of the tour.

Activities, services on this tour:
Tailor-made tours Family / Children Culture Unusual Gastronomy Industrial tourism
Tailor-made tours, Family / Children, Culture, Unusual, Gastronomy, Industrial tourism
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Laurent FRAYSSE - FRANCE  Review 2014-03-05 18:56 - 5
Charmante guide très à l'écoute de nos souhaits.(4 adultes)
Grace à ses explication dans un français d’excellente qualité la découverte et l'histoire de la Hongrie devient un véritable plaisir.Nous avons fait deux visites hors Budapest avec une météo moyenne. Là Katerin nous a fait profiter des ses connaissances en s'adaptant parfaitement et à la météo et à nos centres d’intérêt. Tout petit ''Be... Read more...

All reviewsAll reviews

CATHERINE FARRET - FRANCE  Review 2014-01-28 10:23 - 5
Katalin prend le temps de cerner nos centres d’intérêt, nos envies et attentes, notre personnalité et concocte un vrai programme ''sur mesure'' et évolutif. Les itinéraires ou visites peuvent être modifiés selon l'humeur ou le temps. De grandes connaissances historiques et générales, une personne très conviviale, qui partage sa propre expérience, un témoignage sur la vie en Hongrie.
En faisant ap...

All reviewsAll reviews

Sarah LEVRANT - UNITED STATES OF AMERICA  Review 2012-10-17 23:13 - 5
All reviewsKatalin was an amazing tour guide through the city of Budapest. My family and I spent a full day touring all of the main attractions which was perfect for our first day in town. She had extensive knowledge about the town, it's history and many interesting facts and stories which brought everything together. She also helped us plan our remaining days in Budapest and gave tips for the rest of our tr... Read more...

All reviewsAll reviews

Sergine SERET - FRANCE  Review 2011-06-15 10:53 - 5
Katalin est une vraie professionnelle et nous a fait découvrir sa capitale avec enthousiasme. Ses connaissances tant historiques qu'anecdotiques nous a fait passer une agréable journée qui nous a permis de découvrir la majorité des sites à voir.
Nous ne manquerons pas de recommander Katalin aux amis qui voudraient visiter Budapest.

All reviewsAll reviews