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Grisoni DANIELA Professional license / certificate uploaded

Tour guide in the Italian Lake District
I've been a tour guide since 1996 and... I still love my job! I was born and I've always lived in the region where I work and I love showing it to visitors.
I always teach my three children that they should always be curious about the place where they live and the places that they visit.
I didn't graduate, but sometimes this allow guides to adapt their speech to the people who are not accustomed to history, culture, history of art, botanics, etc. On the other hand, in all these years of personal studies and above all questions made by my clients, for which I've had to find an answer, I think I am able to give a complete presentation of the places where I guide travellers.

The tours that I propose are the highlights of a visit in the Italian Lake District.
The Borromeo's Islands are all different one from the other: Isola Bella is breathtaking with its somptous baroque palace and its Italian style gardens made on ten terraces overlooking the lake; Isola Pescatori is charming with its little fishermen's village built around a church founded in the X century; Isola Madre is impressive with its luxuriant English style gardens.
Orta San Giulio is a place where nature and spirituality meet: the island of San Giulio is the ''island of silence'', where 70 cloistered nuns live in a monastery next to a romanesque church; the Sacro Monte of Saint Francis shows twenty chapels with statues and frescoes depicting the life of the ''poverello'' and it is now in the UNESCO list of the World Heritage.

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Cultural tour guide
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I love my region and I love speaking English.
I love reading and travelling, even if my three children don't leave me much time for it!
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Qualified Tour Guide: Provincia Novara and Provincia Verbano-Cusio-Ossola
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Tailor-made tours, Boat, Family / Children, Culture
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Address : via per Dormelletto, 75/c 28041 Arona (NO) ITALY
Phone : +39 0322 241079
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Guided tour #1: The Borromeo's Islands

Duration : 1 day
Level : easy Easy
We'll take a boat in Stresa and start for a visit to the most celebrated islands of all Italian lakes!
- Isola Bella: the sumptous baroque palace will surprise you for its wealth in furnishing and works of arts. The Italian-style gardens are built on ten terraces overlooking the lake.
- Isola Pescatori: about 35 people still live in the old houses of this charming little village of fishermen. The church in the middle of the village was founded in the X century. On this island you will find several possibilities for your lunch.
- Isola Madre: we will walk through a luxuriant English-style garden, where the Borromeo's in the XIX century began planting camellias, azaleas, rhododendrons, magnolias...

Activities, services on this tour:
Boat Family / Children Culture
Boat, Family / Children, Culture

Guided tour #2: Orta San Giulio

Duration : 1 day
Level : easy Easy
After visiting the charming little village of Orta, where a cars are not allowed, we take a boat to the little island in the middle of the lake. The legend says that Saint Julius arrived here in the IV century and killed a dragon before building his church! The present church is a monument of the XI century, all painted with frescoes and with a misterious romanesque ambo sculpted in a black stone.
We can then walk up to the Sacro Monte, a devotional complex where 20 chapels tell us the life of Saint Francis of Assisi, through frescoes and statues. This unusual place is one of the nine Sacri Monti which have been listed by UNESCO in the World Heritage.

Activities, services on this tour:
Family / Children Culture
Family / Children, Culture
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