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Cristina LEHNERT
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I'm an Authorized Stockholm Tourist Guide since 1993. My motto is that all guests are V.I.P.
Member in: SKÅL (Association of Tourism Professionals), WFTGA (World Federation Tourist Guides Associations),FEG(European Federation of Tourist Guide Associations) and Sveguide (Sveriges guideförbund
Tailor-made tours Car Boat Family / Children Disabled Culture 
Tailor-made tours, Car, Boat, Family / Children, Disabled, Culture
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Address : 11252 Estocolmo SWEDEN
Phone : +46 (0)8 6185550
Mobile : +46 (0)739235579

Guided tour #1: Stockholm for you

Duration : 1 day
Level : easy Easy
You get a quick and professional introduction to the city and the guide can show you any museum in Stockholm and surroundings according to your interests. You can discover the hidden spots of interest which the tourist usually doesn't find by himself.
Then, with this helpful introduction to the city, you can make the most of the remaining time of your stay here.

Activities, services on this tour:
Tailor-made tours Fixed date tours Car Family / Children Culture
Tailor-made tours, Fixed date tours, Car, Family / Children, Culture

Guided tour #2: Emblematic Stockholm

Duration : 1 day
Level : easy Easy
During this tour you get an introduction to the city and visit the Wasa Ship Museum, from the 17th century, and the City Hall where the Nobel Prize dinner is held annually.

You guide will tell you all about the social, political and cultural history of Stockholm and Sweden. You get to take a lovely walk in the Old Town too.

Activities, services on this tour:
Tailor-made tours Family / Children Disabled Culture
Tailor-made tours, Family / Children, Disabled, Culture
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