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About the site
When you’re preparing independently your next trip, i.e. without the assistance of a travel agency, finding a driver-guide, a cultural guide or a guide for a particular activity is not always an easy task. The research operation becomes more complicated when you ask that the guide speaks English... It is for all those reasons beoglobe was designed, a new service which makes it possible for professional guides to publish a web page presenting their activities and for users to find the guide for their next holiday using the search engine. is not a travel agency and does not take any fee on the transactions between the traveller and the guide he has chosen to travel with.

Example of use:
link You use the search engine to find an English-speaking trekking guide in France. Several guides appear with their co-ordinates, their diplomas, the tours they propose… and possible reviews given by previous customers. 

link You contact one or more guides directly and you agree on the services and the price.

link You go on holiday!

link You leave an evaluation on your guide to share your experience with the great community of independent travellers!