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Which travellers can use

Today, when someone wants to travel, he/she can buy a package from a tour operator who deals with everything. One other way is to plan your tour yourself and contact a driver guide, a cultural guide or a guide for a particular activity (sporting for example). applies to independent travellers who need the services of one or more guides for transportation, visits, excursions, etc

Which languages speak the guides?

Each guide indicates his spoken languages: French, English and Japanese for example.

When to use

You can search several weeks or month before your departure in order to find a guide and organize your tour with him (her). You can also go on once you are in holiday in order to organize the continuation of your trip.

Which services propose the guides on ?

We determined four families of guides:
- Cultural guide,
- Driver-guide,
- Sport, nature and adventures guide,
- Trek and mountain guide.
Some guides can combine various services. For example: Cultural guide and driver-guide.

Which activities are proposed?

Pictograms are used to see at a glance characteristics of activities proposed by guides.
Here is an example which a guide might propose:
camel Excursion Family

This guide proposes a trek with camels and its voyage is accessible to children (and sand dunes are certainly not far away!)

Why register with ?

Any web user can consult the site but registering in '' traveller's area '' will allow you moreover:
- To leave an opinion on your guide,
- To subscribe to the site’s newsletter,
- To contact directly the author of an evaluation for asking details about a guide. NB: Email of the author of an evaluation doesn’t appear directly on

You can delete your account or modify your profile and options on the traveller’s area.

How do opinions work?

While being a registered traveller of, you can rate your guide by giving him a mark from 0: disappointed, to 5: very satisfied and by writing a comment. By doing this, you share your experience with the great community of independent travellers and you reward your guide if the mark is good!
You are asked to be as objective as possible when leaving opinions. Each opinion will be checked before being published.

How to know that a guide is reliable?

It is possible to figure out a guide’s professionalism by studying :
- Guide’s file detailed contents,
- Years of experience, diplomas and references,
- Guide’s membership to an office or professional guides’ association,
- Registered travellers’ opinions.

How to contact a guide?

You contact each guide directly by email or telephone.
Caution: All guides do not have an easy access to Internet from home, they can also be on the road : you will have to be patient sometimes to receive a reply.
Before concluding with a guide, we advise you to establish precisely with him:
- The nature of the services: what is proposed.
- The service’s price : total for all the group or for each person ? What is included and what is not ?
For example: who pays for fuel, who pays lodging, food (yours and guide’s), who pays for guide’s return trip if you take another kind of transportation?
- Payment method: which currency? which payment method? Payment at the beginning or the end of the service? Payment by installments ?

How to contact of’s administrators?

Very simply from the contact us page. You can for example report an error, a problem with a guide or suggest improvements to the site.
For a faster answer, we recommend that you write messages in English or in French.