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Mohamed BAHAA
5/5 22 reviews
Fabio VILELA - BRAZIL  Review 2014-02-18 08:01 - 5
Sem palavras para descrever os serviços prestados pelo Mohamed Bahaa na minha viagem do Egito. Ele simplesmente organizou tudo, desde o representante para me pegar na porta do avião e me acompanhar na imigração até todos os tours e passeios no país. Tudo foi organizado por email e cumprido de acordo com o combinado. Os guias e os passeios foram simplesmente incriveis. Eles realmente sabem como agradar o cliente e também como surpreende-los. Toda a equipe do Mohamed Bahaa tours me proporcionaram uma experiencia incrivel no Egito. Se voce esta procurando um guia para fazer os passeios não pense duas vezes e contrate-os, você não irá se arrepender.
Hataiwan MEEISSARA - THAILAND    Review 2013-10-06 17:54 - 5
Another day that I use Mohamed Bahaa private tour guide. This is my first time to visit mosque. The mosque is very amazing, beautiful, huge and one of most unique. I also had Ms.Hoda as my personal guide, Mr.Abdullah as my driver. I felt 100% safe in this day and Mr.Mohammed even called a few times to check on us during the day. We also visit to Al-Azhar Park. It is very nice, relaxing, clean and green atmosphere with amazing view of the Citadel and mosques of old Cairo.

Thank you so much for wonderful trip.
Vadim LAPINE - CANADA    Review 2013-09-27 23:24 - 5
Just came back home from Egypt, and would like to share my experience in Cairo with Mohamed Bahaa Tours. I am so glad to come here now despite of all those horrors have been shown recently in the news about Egypt.

My experience was absolutely amazing, peaceful, and safe.

Everything was organized well. My guide was Ms. Hoda - very friendly, genuine, knowledgeable and sensitive to my interests and needs.

I can highly recommend Mohamed Bahaa Tours to anyone who wishes to visit Cairo. They appeared to me to be genuine people in life and real professionals in work. They can organize things according to your wishes.
Kristin YANKERHANSEN - UNITED STATES OF AMERICA    Review 2013-08-14 21:32 - 5
The US media made Egypt sound like a very unwelcoming place for Americans. WE found the opposite to be ture. MAny people stopped us and welcomed us to Egypt. Our guide Hoda Hassan was amazing. She is extremely well educated in English Egyptian History, and CUlture, as well as politics which she freely discussed. WE also foudn our dirver Abdullah to be extremely competent in managing Egypts crazy traffic. We got to see everything we aked for, and were glad we made the trip.
Rudy SUDARSONO - UNITED KINGDOM  Review 2013-08-03 20:58 - 5
The guide Hoda was very knowledgeable, easy to get along with and very good to us whilst taking us through the Giza complex directing us around the camels, sellers etc.

Mr Abdullah our driver was equally as impressive, his ability to navigate through all the people trying to rail road us at the bottom of the Giza complex was a site to be seen.

Overall the service from everyone was exceptional and we even got some complimentary goods at the end of the trip too, some lovely mangos and dates which have taken back to London to further enjoy :)

For anyone who is thinking of going to Cairo but is concerned of the current political climate, let Mr. Mohamed, Hoda and Mr. Abdullah elevate your concerns as they will ensure you have a positive experience in the wonderful city of Cairo.

Rudy and Shinta
Gabriela DE SILVA - UNITED STATES OF AMERICA    Review 2013-05-22 02:46 - 5
Mohamed Bahaa is the best guide we had the pleasure of meeting on our trip to Egypt!!
He was extremely professional and really went out of his way to help os enjoy every minute of the day!!
From the moment we arrived in Cairo, he was waiting for us at the airport with a van that accommodated all 8 of us!!! Always waiting for us and always on time!!
We went from Cairo to Luxor where he was supposed to meet us the next day, and the moment we landed I realized i left my phone at the airport in Cairo!!!
All it took was a phone call and by the time he got there the next morning he had my phone with him!!
I think a good guide can be the difference between a regular trip and an amazing one and Mohamed made ours an unforgettable adventure!!!
Cristiane TEIXEIRA - BRAZIL    Review 2013-05-19 21:07 - 4
Estuvimos en Egipto en enero de 2012 yo y mi familia. El viaje fue fantástico!
En todo el tiempo fuimos sorprendidos con la hospitalidad y profesionalismo de todos en este país, especialmente Mohamed. Nos quedamos por 7 días y fuimos a El Cairo, Alejandría y Luxor. Durante este tiempo Mohamed fue muy cuidadoso con nosotros, siempre atento a los detalles más pequeños, para que nuestro viaje sea inolvidable!
Siempre me acuerdo de nuestra visita a la Biblioteca de Alejandría e todo lo esfuerzo que Mohamed hizo para que yo pudiera visitarla.
Volveré a este país de la historia antigua y seguramente en compañía de Mahamed como nuestro guía.
Sue LEIGHTON - AUSTRALIA    Review 2013-05-19 10:34 - 5
As a solo female traveler, I was very nervous about going to Egypt alone, given all one hears in the news reports about the ''dangers''. But I pushed ahead and decided to throw caution to the wind. I contacted many private tour guides, and also many of the larger companies, but none of them responded in the manner which Mohamed Bahaa did. From my first email, I felt connected to him as a guide. I decided he was the one for me, as he was the only one who responded immediately, and in such a friendly manner...I knew I would be in safe hands! And I was not wrong. I spent four days in Cairo, spending each day with Mohamed visiting sites that I am sure the average tour would never have taken me to. I experienced not only the sites of Cairo, but Egypt through the eyes of a loyal Egyptian. That was priceless. I will be returning soon, to explore more of this wonderful country that I did not get to see, and Mohamed Bahaa will be the only one I will trust to organise this for me.
Anita SAMEK - CANADA  Review 2013-05-12 17:12 - 5
My husband and I contacted Cairo Overnight Travel at the last minute on May 2, 2013 -due to bad planning on our part - and we honestly didn't expect them to be available. Not only were they available, they responded almost immediately and helped organize tours of the highlights of Cairo from May 2-5th,2013

Mr. Mohammed - the owner - was extremely pleasant and efficient to deal with. He provided us with itineraries to cover the pyramids and then Cairo city - Coptic and Islamic. Of note, he also asked our preference for a male or a female guide - while for us it doesn't make a difference, for others it may and this is the only agency which asked. Good for him for being cognizant that some people may have a preference.
Our guide, Mohsin, was more than we could have hoped for. We have travelled a fair amount, including almost 3 weeks in Egypt, before arriving in Cairo. We can honestly say that Mohsin was probably one of the best private guides we have ever had the oppor
Rogelie SARONA-MORRIS - AUSTRALIA    Review 2012-04-21 05:12 - 5
Brilliant Experience - from planning to finish!

I've already booked my flights straight to Jordan when I realised I wanted to make a quick visit to Egypt. I was initially in two minds considering the recent tensions arising from demonstrations/protests. However, after having read all the great reviews written about Mohamed and his team, I felt I should push my plans through. And so I did! I contacted Mohamed via the email address provided by the previous reviews and he was quick with response. He laid out better plans for my flights and itinerary, suggesting I should change the first leg of my flight to go Sydney-Cairo instead of Sydney-Amman so as to save time (because the place I was staying in Jordan was 4hours drive to the Amman airport- each way). As for my 2-day itinerary, I gave him a list of things i wanna see and do, and he suggested some more which I haven't included or thought about.
Ken ARROYO OHORI - MEXICO    Review 2012-03-04 19:14 - 5
We were booked a tour with Mohamed at our hotel in Luxor, and we couldn't be more pleased. He knows all about Cairo, and has good recommendations regarding all the things one would need during a stay in the city.

We first arrived in the early morning to an awful hotel that we had booked online, and when we didn't like the place, Mohamed tried to help us to get some money back and took us to a much nicer place. He even offered to take us to his home for tee or coffee while we waited for a better time to check in to a hotel. That is the kind of treatment one can expect from such a great guide.

Mohamed was always accommodating, took us everywhere expertly navigating the city, he kept hustlers and scammers away from us, and helped us take great pictures in all the sights :-).

I would recommend Mohamed to anyone visiting Cairo, and will certainly send anyone I know visiting Egypt with him.
Margareth BUSSINGER - BRAZIL    Review 2012-03-04 13:29 - 5
I just came back from Egypt and went there by mylself for this very first time (hope I will come back). So I decided to hire Mohamed Bahaa as my Private Guide after reading so many positive reviews about him on Trip Advisor. And I have no regrets for doing so. He made me feel at home as soon as we met at the hotel lobby to start our tours. He is very friendly, flexible, patient, reliable, discrete, funny, a real good soul.

As he found out it was my dream to visit Egypt since I was a kid he made sure to give the best experience of my life there. And he surely did. He booked everything for me and also took me to see local attractions in Cairo and taste local food which I just loved (try koshary and aish)!

He also took care of everything in Luxor including my flight and hotel and sent me over to Mohamed and Hasam both his partners in that city. They also welcomed in such a warm way and made me feel comfortable at once.I also tried camel meat and think you should too. It is delicious
Mike KAGIRI - UNITED STATES OF AMERICA    Review 2012-01-27 11:06 - 5
Michael Kagiri “Best Tour Guide Ever - Hope to be back some day!”
I do not have enough words to describe what an awesome time our 4 days 3 Nights in Cairo Morgan and I had from Mohamed Cultural Tours. Morgan found this tour guide through Trip Advisor, and we booked Last minute because we wereno sure of the political situation in Cairo . Glaad we went the atmoshere was safe unlike what portrayed on cable TV. Mohamed has assured us by emai and we even went to Tahrir square.Food around the Square was the most amazing -- and we owe this 100% to Mohamed ( and ABAS the driver).

He met us at the airport, gave us a local cell phone (forgot the high roaming t-mobile charges)and we just told him that we wanted a combination of scenery, cultural attractions, and ample shopping time. Next day he drove us to some of the most quaint gaza pyramid view you can ever imagine - places you would never see on any other tour. For lunch, we were able to see the bread baking straight from the fire by two
Peckham PECKHAM FRANCIS - UNITED KINGDOM    Review 2012-01-19 14:21 - 5
I used Mohamed to organise our 8 day stay in Cairo / Luxor / Dahab because he got such good reviews on this site. I can happily corroborate this and become part of the virtuous circle.

He was always a very prompt and responsive Email contact before we departed and was soon confirmed in his assurance that Egypt was very safe for the tourist - and that included a walk around Tarhir Square. All that he organised worked well, was on time and represented value. In Cairo, his colleague Mr Nasser was also very good. Such was Mohammed's attention to our every need that aside from several Email / phone checks on our schedule, he also took us to dinner, escorted us to the overnight sleeper train and gave my son a Felucca ride as a birthday gift.

I can happily recommend Mohamed to any other traveller looking to tour Egypt. Excellent. Ask him about a tour of the camel market - pretty interesting.
Daniel MEMBRILLO - UNITED STATES OF AMERICA    Review 2012-01-12 19:14 - 5
Our family had an absolutely wonderful time in Egpyt, with special thanks to Mohamed and his great tour guide Nasser. Both of them were of the utmost hospitable guides I have ever had, going out of their way to make your vacation trip a memorable one. Nasser took us around in a very nice air conditioned van to the various sights around Egypt stopping whenever or wherever we needed to. Mohamed even met with us one night to take my family on a very personal tour through Old Islam. Their hospitality and warm personalities matched with the allure of Egypt made for a great vacation. HIGHLY recommend!!
Tiffany PYKE - SOUTH AFRICA    Review 2012-01-05 20:16 - 5
As a single woman who has traveled around a lot of SE Asia, I knew that I would be able to find my way around via public transit from the airport. However, I only really had about 8 hours to explore Cairo and didn't want the frustration of possibly getting lost so I found Mohamed on this website and I'm very happy I did. I know from traveling around India that when you have a male escort it often significantly reduces the amount of unwanted attention that you receive...this was exactly the case in Cairo as well. I was sometimes approached, but he gracefully declined and sent hawkers and chancers on their way.

I was also able to take power naps between locations, which is what my very jet-lagged body needed. I felt that the sites we visited had a wonderful and personal narration from my guide and that all my questions about the culture and religion were answered in a way that was satisfying. Mohamed is a true gentleman and ambassador for his city.
Pekka HACKSPIK - FINLAND    Review 2012-01-02 11:56 - 5
We had a wonderful day in Cairo on 27th of December. Mohamed picked us up from the airport as agreed, took us to the pyramids & sphinx, Egyptian Museum (I'm glad he insisted to take us there, great experience), then to Tahrir-square (peaceful when we were there) and to the Islamic Cairo.

We asked for real life Cairo experience, and Mohamed did a fine job taking us to a great lunch place and a walking tour in Islamic Cairo. He even treated us with Pigeon-dinner, which is a must-do thing when in Cairo.

Overall the day was a great experience, Mohamed is a nice and very professional guy and his company provides excellent service.

Highly recommended!
Victor ALLEN - UNITED STATES OF AMERICA    Review 2011-12-15 18:37 - 5
We recently came back from our two week Egypt vacation. Mohamed was our guide for the Lower Egypt portion of our trip (Cairo, Pyramids, Alexandria). Fist of all, Mohamed is a great administrator. He is organized and provides the best logistical service in organizing your trip. Also, he is very knowledgeable Egyptologist and gives good explanations of the sites. Finally, he is very passionate about his country and knows some well-hidden gems of Egypt. In Alexandria, for example, he took us to the best seafood restaurant we have ever been to. That restaurant, it is worth to note, was not even mentioned in our guidebook. I highly recommend Mohamed to all travelers to Egypt.
Julia KAPLAN - UNITED STATES OF AMERICA    Review 2011-12-11 20:26 - 5
We had a five day tour with Mohamed of Cairo, Giza, Alexandria, and El Fayoum. Mohamed was instrumental in creating a tailored itinerary specifically for our interests and spent a lot of time emailing with us back and forth, until we were satisfied with all our plans. Mohamed is excellent at organizing every day from beginning to end and at making sure that everything ran smoothly. We were able to see a lot of great sites at our own pace and plenty of hidden gems we would have never discovered on our own. I highly recommend Mohamed to anyone who wants a hassle free visit to Egypt with lots of individual attention and personally tailored itinerary.
Ann CHAPMAN - UNITED STATES OF AMERICA    Review 2011-11-21 07:06 - 5
What a great way to tour Egypt! Mohamed was fantastic and I felt so safe with Michael driving! Mohamed was the exceptional tour professional - everything we requested was made available thanks to his top notch service. He even treated us to a real lunch off the beaten track and the visit to the Alexandria City Center sure showed us the daily side of life in Egypt. He maneuvered us through all the hawkers at the various sites - politely and professionally. We had the Step Pyramid alone to view and photograph. And information...he is full of the history and mythology of everything! Always open to questions and discussion - truly a wonderful guide.

Looking forward to returning and visiting Mohamed and his family. My friend Mike will be posting some great pictures too.

Mohamed and Michael picked us up in Port Said and 36 hours later dropped us at the port in Alexandria. Everything in between was marvelous and entertaining. I recommend his services highly!

Visited November 20
Leonia NEWMAN - UNITED KINGDOM    Review 2011-11-05 11:54 - 5
Mohamed is reliable, efficient and wow , knows his history !. We have 2 children and stayed in Cairo on our way back from Sharm, we felt safe with Mohamed and his driver was very careful as the traffic is crazy. I would have no hesitation in recommending Mohamed, he was very entertaining and adding extra sightseeing tours to the day. The Egyptian museum is a must, as is the tour of the book a ticket for the grand Pryamid as they sell out quickly.. Thank you for a lovely experience, Mohamed,
Cross A - UNITED KINGDOM    Review 2011-08-20 18:46 - 5
I used Mohamed Bahaa as our guide for our second trip. He was very friendly, knowledgeable, and happy to help if you had and any questions. He took us see the Cairo Museum and there we saw the important historical facts he also let us have time to look around and just to wonder. Other places we visited were the local mosque a papyrus factor, a Perfume factory and a galabia shop and that just on our first day. On our next day he arrived punctually at the allotted time we agreed on the previous day. We went to see the Great Pyramids, at Giza had a ride on a camel and there also he used his local knowledge getting us a good price our last place we visited was a local jewellery shop where we bought necklaces with our name written in Egyptian.

There were lots of other trips he could have taken us to but we only there for a short time but we will definitely recommend him to you friends and family if they needed an Egyptian guide.