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Milena VASILJEVIC Professional license / certificate uploaded
About the guide
Cultural tour guide
Speaking languages
English, French, Others
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Historical and cultural heritage of Belgrade and Serbia, archaeological sites, monasteries, architectural heritage,museums, vine tours...
Diploma, references, agreements
Licensed guide, national certification in 2006.
Graduate Archaeologist
Member of Tourist guides association of Serbia since 2006.

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Tailor-made tours Fixed date tours Boat Family / Children Culture Festival Gastronomy Fair tourism 
Tailor-made tours, Fixed date tours, Boat, Family / Children, Culture, Festival, Gastronomy, Fair tourism
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Address : Belgrade SERBIA
Mobile : +381638948602

Guided tour #1: Discover Belgrade

Duration : 1 day
Belgrade Walking Tour
Walk Through Historical Centre of Belgrade and the Belgrade Fortress - Knez Mihailova Street, Albanija Palace, Republic Square, Kralja Petra Street (National Bank of Serbia, “?” Inn), Cathedral Church, Patriarchy Palace, Residence of Princess Ljubica, Paris Street, Kalemegdan Park, Belgrade Fortress


Belgrade Sightseeing Tour
Discover Belgrade by panoramic drive & on foot visits
Terazije Square, Republic Square, Students’ Square, Kalemegdan Park, Belgrade Fortress, “?” Inn, Cathedral Church, Patriarchy Palace, Residence of Princess Ljubica, New Belgrade, Marshall Tito's mausoleum, the ''Red Star'' Stadium, St Sava Church, Slavija Square, Nikola Pašić Square, Assembly of the City of Belgrade, National Assembly

Upon request, tour can be focused on Jewish heritage, Ottoman heritage, Hungarian or Austrian presence in Belgrade and links with France, Greece…

Belgrade aerial

Guiding Gérard Depardieu in Belgrade

Activities, services on this tour:
Tailor-made tours Culture Gastronomy
Tailor-made tours, Culture, Gastronomy

Guided tour #2: The Royal Palace Tour

Duration : 1 day
Visit to the Royal Compound, remarkable complex commissioned by the King Alexander I. You will enjoy the beautiful architecture of the Royal Palace, the White Palace and the Royal Chapel, rich art collection, as well as natural beauty of the surrounding park.
Note: booking in advance

Guided tour #3: Walk Through Antique Singidunum

Duration : 1 day
Contemporary Belgrade lays on the remains of the once powerful antique town and military camp Singidunum, built by the Romans during the 1st century A.D. There are few surviving antique monuments, and those not destroyed lie beneath the modern city. During the walk through nowadays City center, one significant period of Belgrade history will be introduced to you. It is a period of foundation of our city and the first centuries of its past.

Guided tour #4: Serbia- half day and full day excursions

Duration : 1 day
Half day and full day excursions to Novi Sad, Oplenac, Medieval Serbian monasteries, Archaeological sites, The Iron Gates of the Danube Gorge, Vine Tours...

Serbia – The land of new beginnings

The Danube in Serbia: 588 Impressions

Activities, services on this tour:
Tailor-made tours Culture Gastronomy Ecology
Tailor-made tours, Culture, Gastronomy, Ecology

Guided tour #5: Belgrade Sightseeing by Boat

Duration : 1 day
Enjoy the sightseeing of Belgrade from the rivers Sava and Danube!
Enjoy the view of the confluence of the Sava and Danube, Belgrade Fortress, Big War Island, Belgrade bridges and old part of Zemun!

Activities, services on this tour:
Boat Culture Gastronomy Ecology
Boat, Culture, Gastronomy, Ecology

Guided tour #6: Belgrade Underground Tour

Duration : 1 day
A perfect way to discover the hidden secrets of Belgrade is to explore underground. Underground Belgrade contains tens of caves and underground tunnels carved in limestone rocks in last 300 years.
These 5 underground places present older layers of Belgrade:

Roman Hall - preserves remains of tower and rampart of the main entrance gate of the Roman fortress, as well as Roman tombstones and altars.
Army bunker - from the period of the Cold War- you will learn about some of the President Tito's political games between great powers.
Big Gunpowder Magazine - built during the great Austrian reconstruction of the Belgrade Fortress between 1718 and 1720. Today it houses the National Museum’s Collection of Roman sarcophagi, tombstones and altars.
We will pass through tunnel leading from Kosančić Square to Karađorđeva Street.
Cave wine cellar - situated in the former warehouse from 19th century.

Activities, services on this tour:
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marketDiscover Belgrade marketThe Royal Palace Tour marketWalk Through Antique Singidunum marketSerbia- half day and full day excursions marketBelgrade Sightseeing by Boat marketBelgrade Underground Tour
S. ROMAND - FRANCE  Review 2016-01-11 21:19 - 5
All reviewsDe retour de Belgrade, juste pour confirmer ce qui a déjà été dit : la ville est magnifique et Milena est parfaite. La visite de 4 heures est meme trop courte tellement le temps passe vite. A faire absolument.

All reviewsAll reviews

FRANCOISE VALAT - FRANCE  Review 2015-08-25 11:54 - 5
Quel privilège de visiter Belgrade avec MILENA !!! Elle nous a fait découvrir cette ville dans un français parfait, avec un petit accent serbe très agréable. Les excursions ont été très enrichissantes, à notre rythme. Pendant le trajet, MILENA n'a pas cessé de nous parler de la SERBIE, de son histoire etc...
En conclusion, guide super cultivée et à l'écoute de des clients
Merci pour tout MILENA
...

All reviewsAll reviews

Laurent TISSOT - FRANCE  Review 2014-09-28 20:53 - 5
All reviewsDisponible , très compétente , souriante , Milena vous fera découvrir Belgrade sous toutes ses formes dans un français parfait avec un délicieux accent slave...
Bonus : amie personnelle de Gérard Depardieu !

All reviewsAll reviews

Vadim FEDEYEV - RUSSIA (RUSSIAN FEDERATION)  Review 2012-12-05 11:41 - 5
Certainly, the best way to get to know all charms of such cities as Belgrade is a walk with a good local guide. I think Milena is that very guide who can help you to fall in love with this wonderful city.
You can also find her not only as an experienced guide but as an excellent company to talk about lots of different things.

All reviewsAll reviews